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El Mundo en un hiilo

The oldest evidence found of the ritual use of the 'mostacilla' or 'chaquira', also generically called "seed beads", dates back to Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India.  Its origins cover the arc of the basic elements they were made from;  stones, bones or seeds to gold, the most valued of metals.

Following the development of the chaquira and discovering its different modalities is the fascinating journey through time and space proposed by the exhibition El mundo en un hilo (The world by a Thread), a project that pays homage to that innate or shared creativity that has made the simplest of the beads not only an object loaded with symbolism and ethnological references but also a resource capable of incorporating with great ease into the works of current designers.
Follow us on this journey of the chaquiras from the beginnings of civilizations to its presence in high fashion of the 20th century!

image courtesay of MAWÁ, taken by Niko Jacob

Exhibit launch:

Centro Artesano

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

January 2019

"Poverty is the absence of human rights."

Noble Laureate Professor Mohammad Yunus, founder Grameen Bank

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1.  We work towards the eradication of gender inequality and poverty.


2.  We support the United Nations campaigns and uphold their values worldwide.


3.  We empower minorities through training in order to help them achieve a more sustainable way of life.


4.  We believe in rescuing century-old traditions and combining these with cultural heritage to create products with a strong identity.


5.  We support and recognize the philanthropical and social investments made by individuals, companies, and organizations in the pursuit of our goals.


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