Weaving Together

Working under the aegis of the United Nations as a member of ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council and DPI (Department of Public Information), Women Together focuses on fashion and crafts as a voice for social growth in the political and social markets of the world. In the beginning, the approach was a diagnostic work for the micro-credit summit campaign and how the system helped the artisan women; how they used the funds, the incidence in the return of the funds, the growth of the small artisan industries and more. Currently, WT works with the best weavers in Latin America, in Colombia, with the artisans of San Jacinto de Bolivar and the indigenous group of the  Wayuu de la Guajira, and in the Dominican Republic with a small group of artisans in the tourist area of Juan Dolio, after having developed projects with the Panama hat fiber weavers in Ecuador, communities of weavers in Bosnia and Kosovo and the great project of Fashion for Development in Bangladesh, India, among others.

Women Together USA

Join us in our mission to provide a means for a dignified life to women globally. TOGETHER we can effect change.

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